Scientific Management

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5. The decision-making body of the Institute is the Scientific Council of the Institute. The establishment and operational procedures of the Scientific Council, as well as its competence, are determined by the Law on Scientific Activity and the Statute of the Institute’s Scientific Council, which is approved by the Institute’s general meeting of scientists. The Scientific Council of the Institute is elected by the general meeting of scientists of the Institute for a period of four years by a simple majority. The Scientific Council adopts the Statute of the Institute and elects the Director. The Chairman of the Scientific Council, without special authorisation, represents the Institute in matters related to the scientific activities of the Institute or the activities of the Institute in the field of higher education.
(The Statute of the Derived public person "Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry)

Scientific Council (elected 19.03.2019.):

The Chairman of the Scientific Council / Vice-Director for scientific activities: Dr. Jānis Rižikovs (elected 20.03.2019)
The Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council: Dr. Oskars Bikovens (elected 08.10.2019)  
Scientific secretary of the Scientific Council / Scientific secretary of the institute:  Dr. Arnis Kokorevičs (elected 20.03.2019) 

The Statute of the Scientific Council of the Derived public person "Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (version adopted 19.03.2019) (in Latvian)