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History of LSIWC

The Institute was founded in 1946.

1946-1958 - Institute of Forestry Problems (Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS)),
1958-1963 - Institute of Forestry Problems and Institute of Wood Chemistry (LAS),
1964-1992 - Institute of Wood Chemistry (LAS)
Since 1993 - Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (since 06.01.2007- Derived public person “Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry”).

The founder and first Director of the Institute (1946-1976) - Prof., Acad. Arvīds Kalniņš (1894-1981). Directors of the Institute - Acad. V.Karlivāns (1977-1986), Acad. Valērijs Gromovs (1986), Acad. Uldis Viesturs (1986-1993). Since 1993, in accordance with the Statute, the Institute is represented by the Chairman of the Scientific Council (Acad. Uldis Viesturs 1993-1997; Acad. Arnolds Alksnis 1997-2000; Acad. Bruno Anderson 2000-2019; since 2019, Dr. Jānis Rižikovs) on matters related to scientific activities. The Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry is represented by the Director (Dr. Jānis Dolacis 1993-2000; Dr. Aivars Žūriņš 2000-2012; since 2012, Dr. Uģis Cābulis) on matters related to its administrative, economic and financial activities.

At all times, the main task of the Institute’s scientific work has been theoretical and applied research on the complex, rational use of timber, wood and lignified biomass for wasteless obtaining of innovative materials and products with a high added value, using scientifically based, advanced technologies.

Since the foundation of the Institute, the most important studies on the structure, chemical properties and processing technologies of wood and its components have been carried out by professors, academicians and corresponding members of LAS – Acad. Arvīds Kalniņš, Acad. Pēteris Odincovs, Acad. Varvara Sergejeva, Acad. Valērijs Gromovs, V. Kalniņa, K. Švalbe, Dr. Pēteris Eriņš, Acad. Arnolds Alknis et al. From 1968 to 1993, the journal “Koksnes ķīmija” (“Химия древесины”/ “Khimija drevesiny”/“Wood Chemistry”) had been published.