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Patents - offer for innovations


SUPERBINDER The most unique product in the world - Birch outer bark suberinic acids binder for the production of harmless furniture, particle boards and plywood. Project is co-financed by ERDF 1.2.1. specific support goal “To Increase the Private Sector Investments R&D”; measure “Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System”. See



Patents - offer for innovations


  1. Andersons, B., Cirule, D., Kuka, E., Irbe, I., Andersone, I., Verovkins, A., Kurnosova, N., Sansonetti, E., Antons, A. (2021). Method of impregnating wood. LV 15585 A (priority: 28.01.2020). Espacenet , Contact person: Andersons, B.
  2. Krasiļņikova, J., Teliševa, G., Lauberte, L., Kistanova, E., Abadjieva, D., Stoyanova, E., Monfoulet, J.-B. L.-E. A. (2021). Agent for decreasing the adhesion of monocytes to andothelial cells. LV 15531 B1 (priority: 08.05.2019). Espacenet , Contact person: Teliševa, G.
  3. Rižikovs, J., Pāže, A., Makars, R., Tupčiauskas, R. (2021). Method for obtaining thermoreactive binders for the production of wood composite materials from birch outer bark. LV 15556 A (priority: 13.09.2019). Espacenet
      ==> WO 2021024152 A1 (2021). wipo
      ==> EP 3807341 A1 (2021). Espacenet
        Contact person: Rižikovs, J.
  4. Sansonetti, E., Cīrule, D., Kuka, E., Andersons, B., Andersone, I. (2021). Protective coating for thermally modified wood. LV 15469 B (priority: 13.07.2018). EspaceNet, Contact person: Andersons, B.
  5. Žūriņs, A., Dobele, G., Voļperts, A., Pomilovskis, R., Godiņa, D., Iļjina, I., Meile. K. (2021). Complex processing of cellulose containing material. LV 15587 B1 (priority: 18.02.2020) Espacenet , Contact person: Žūriņš, A.


  1. Krasiļņikova, J., Teliševa, G., Kistanova, E., Abadjieva, D., Stayanova, E., Chervenkov, M., Ivanova, L., Berķis, U., Dižbite, T., Lauberte, L. (2020). Agent for decreasing activity of methyltransferase in mammal cells. LV 15385 B (priority: 04.06.2018.). Espacenet , Contact person: Teliševa, G.
  2. Šuļga, G., Vītoliņa, S., Neiberte, B., Reihmane, S., Žilinska, E. (2020). Coagulation-floculation method for the separation of biomass containing lignin and hemicelluloses from the wastewater of wood processing enterprises. LV 15410 B (priority: 11.12.2017). Espacenet, Contact person: Šuļga, G.


  1. Andžs, M., Grāvītis, J., Tupčiauskas, R., Vēveris, A. (2019). Loose-fill thermal insulation material made from lignocellulose and production method thereof. LV 15328 B (priority: 21.10.2016). Espacenet , Contact person: Andžs, M. 
  2. Krasiļņikova, J., Teliševa, G., Kistanova, E., Abadjieva, D., Stoyanova, E., Chervenkov, M.,Tretjakovs, P., Berķis, U., Dižbite, T., Lauberts, M. (2019). Remedy for increasing mitochondrial DNA in mammalian cells. LV 15451 A (priority: 17.07.2018.). Espacenet , Contact person: Teliševa, G. 


  1. Krasiļņikova, J.; Teliševa, G.; Kistanova, E.; Abadjieva, D.; Stayanova, E.; Chervenkov, M.; Tretjakovs, P.; Berķis, U.; Dižbite, T.; Lauberts, M. (2018) Remedy for increasing mitochondrial DNA in mammalian cell. LV 15311 B, (priority: 09.01.2018). Espacenet, Contact person: Teliševa, G.




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