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Patents - offer for innovations

13.07.2022 - LAS Yearbook 2022 - Commercialisation of LSIWC research results - obtaining technology of betulin


SUPERBINDER The most unique product in the world - Birch outer bark suberinic acids binder for the production of harmless furniture, particle boards and plywood. Project is co-financed by ERDF 1.2.1. specific support goal “To Increase the Private Sector Investments R&D”; measure “Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System”. See



Patents - offer for innovations


  1. Andersons, B., Cirule, D., Kuka, E., Irbe, I., Andersone, I., Verovkins, A., Kurnosova, N., Sansonetti, E., Antons, A. (2021). Method of impregnating wood. LV 15585 B1 (priority: 28.01.2020). Espacenet
  2. Krasiļņikova, J., Teliševa, G., Lauberte, L., Kistanova, E., Abadjieva, D., Stoyanova, E., Monfoulet, J.-B. L.-E. A. (2021). Agent for decreasing the adhesion of monocytes to andothelial cells. LV 15531 B1 (priority: 08.05.2019). Espacenet
  3. Rižikovs, J., Pāže, A., Makars, R., Tupčiauskas, R. (2021). Method for obtaining thermoreactive binders for the production of wood composite materials from birch outer bark. LV 15556 A (priority: 13.09.2019). Espacenet
         ==> WO 2021024152 A1  wipo
         ==> EP 3807341 A1 Espacenet
  4. Sansonetti, E., Cīrule, D., Kuka, E., Andersons, B., Andersone, I. (2021). Protective coating for thermally modified wood. LV 15469 B (priority: 13.07.2018). Espacenet
  5. Žūriņs, A., Dobele, G., Voļperts, A., Pomilovskis, R., Godiņa, D., Iļjina, I., Meile. K. (2021). Complex processing of cellulose containing material. LV 15587 B1 (priority: 18.02.2020) Espacenet


  1. Krasiļņikova, J., Teliševa, G., Kistanova, E., Abadjieva, D., Stayanova, E., Chervenkov, M., Ivanova, L., Berķis, U., Dižbite, T., Lauberte, L. (2020). Agent for decreasing activity of methyltransferase in mammal cells). LV 15385 B (priority: 04.06.2018.). Espacenet
  2. Šuļga, G., Vītoliņa, S., Neiberte, B., Reihmane, S., Žilinska, E. (2020). Coagulation-floculation method for the separation of biomass containing lignin and hemicelluloses from the wastewater of wood processing enterprises). LV 15410 B (priority: 11.12.2017). Espacenet


  1. Andžs, M., Grāvītis, J., Tupčiauskas, R., Vēveris, A. (2019). Loose-fill thermal insulation material made from lignocellulose and production method thereof. LV 15328 B (priority: 21.10.2016). Espacenet 
  2. Krasiļņikova, J., Teliševa, G., Kistanova, E., Abadjieva, D., Stoyanova, E., Chervenkov, M.,Tretjakovs, P., Berķis, U., Dižbite, T., Lauberts, M. (2019). Remedy for increasing mitochondrial DNA in mammalian cells. LV 15451 A (priority: 17.07.2018.). Espacenet


  1. Krasiļņikova, J.; Teliševa, G.; Kistanova, E.; Abadjieva, D.; Stayanova, E.; Chervenkov, M.; Tretjakovs, P.; Berķis, U.; Dižbite, T.; Lauberts, M. (2018) Remedy for increasing mitochondrial DNA in mammalian cells. LV 15311 B, (priority: 09.01.2018). Espacenet




06.03.2017 - Possibility for entrepreneurs to purchase the rights to use new intellectual property objects / developments created at the Institute