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Strategy of LSIWC

The medium-term operational strategy (hereinafter – strategy) of the Derived public person “Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry” (LSIWC) is a document developed in accordance with

  • Law of Scientific Activity,
  • Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia No. 729 of 25.11.2014: Regulation on the Operational Programme “Entrepreneurship and innovation”, supplement sub-activity “Development of the institutional capacity of scientific institutions”
  • The Statute of the Derived public person “Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry”.


Taking into account the external environment of the Institute’s activities, the factors affecting it and the target audience, as well as the current operational and administrative capacity, the strategy includes issues related both to the performance of the existing functions and the implementation of possible new functions and to the planning of human and financial resources necessary to carry out these activities. The strategy identifies the priority areas of activity and tasks of the Institute for the implementation of which all departments of the Institute are responsible. The strategy will contribute to the efficient and coordinated use of the Institute’s budgetary resources to achieve the objective indicators and results of this strategy.

The following laws and regulations and policy planning documents have been used to develop the strategy:

  • National Reform Programme of Latvia for the Implementation of the “Europe 2020” Strategy;
  • Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia “Latvia 2030”;
  • National Development Plan of Latvia for 2014-2020;
  • National Industrial Policy Guidelines 2014-2020;
  • Guidelines for the Development of Science, Technology and Innovation for 2014-2020;
  • Law of Scientific Activity;
  • Latvia’s Forest Policy;
  • Forest-based Sector Technology Platform.


Based on the medium-term priorities set out in the strategy, the Institute’s work plan is developed each year, which contains information on specific measures (responsible departments and employees) to achieve the objectives set out in the strategy. The Institute publishes its annual public report on its website once a year (see).


Operational strategy of the Derived public person “Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry” (2015-2020). Riga, 2015 (updated on 1 November, 2017) Iin Latvian)


3. Human Resources Development Plan 2016-2020. Riga, 15 December 2015 (in Latvian)

4.  Institutional Development Plan of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry. Riga 2015 (in Latvian)

6. Socio-economic justification of the development project “Excellence development of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry”. Riga 2017 (in Latvian)