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Further explanation of how the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (hereinafter – Institute) uses cookies at is provided at its website.

Cookies are small text files that the website saves on the website visitor’s computer or mobile device when the user visits the site. Cookies are stored in the files directory of internet browsers on the hard disk of the terminal equipment of the website visitor.
 It enables the website to remember the user’s actions and preferences over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.

When visiting the website of the Institute, its visitor gives his/her consent to the storage of cookies on the terminal equipment of the website visitor and to their subsequent use in accordance with this Cookie Policy.
Enabling cookies is not strictly necessary for the website to work but it will provide you with a better browsing experience.
The user can at any time change or withdraw his/her consent from the Cookie Declaration on this website. But if the user does that, some features of this site may not work as intended.

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To improve the functionality of the website and to facilitate the use of the website, the following types of cookies are used on the Institute website:

  • Session Cookies are required for a site to function. They perform a task or operation without which a site’s performance would be compromised. Session Cookies are temporary cookies that are only stored as long as the website visitor does not close the web browser after accessing the website.
  • Functional Cookies help a site work well; they enable additional features which can make the user’s experience better. These cookies are stored in the terminal equipment of the website visitor.
  • Analytical Cookies are used to determine the usage of a site; they may track individual users, but only to the extent to allow users to journey through the site. They aren’t used for targeting adverts.

Cookies only identify Data subject’s equipment, but don’t in any way disclose the identity of Data subjects.
Cookies are kept only as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes, after that they are deleted.

The Institute is entitled to change this Cookie Policy at any time.
If you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your personal data, please contact us: