Liquid Chromatography Centre

Head of Laboratory

Laboratory contact information

Dr.chem. Kristīne Meile,

The Liquid Chromatography Centre is used for scientific research, providing a high level analytical approach to the classical research directions of LSIWC, as well as developing modern analytical methods.

Qualitative and quantitative analytical methods for the characterisation of wood processing products are developed at the Liquid Chromatography Centre. Liquid chromatography/masspectrometry methods are developed and applied to wood hydrolysis and pyrolysis products, and wood and bark extracts, but the modern, cutting-edge equipment enables determination of other analytes, too, as well as, preparative separation and purification of specific compounds.

The Liquid Chromatography Centre promotes co-operation between the laboratories of LSIWC and strengthens contacts with the Analytical Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Latvia. The equipment of the Liquid Chromatography Centre is used within the implementation of various research projects, several students are carrying out their study research for Master’s and PhD thesis. The results obtained at the Liquid Chromatography Centre have been published in scientific articles in the field of analytical and wood chemistry.




  • Waters Acquity H-Class UHPLC system with a photodiode array detector, quadrupole MS and evaporative light scattering detector;
  • Waters tandem (QToF) mass spectrometer Synapt G2-Si;
  • Waters APC size exclusion chromatograph with RI and photodiode array detectors;
  • ECOM HPLC with RI and UV detectors;
  • Waters preparative HPLC-UV;
  • Genevac evaporators for different volumes;
  • automated preparative solid phase extraction device Sorbomate.




Significant publications:

  • Meile, K.; Jermolajeva, A.; Volkova, E.; Zhurinsh, A. Solid-Phase Extraction of the Aromatic By-Products Obtained by Fast Pyrolysis of Pretreated Lignocellulose. Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2023 ;

  • Meile, K.; Dobele, G.; Iljina, N.; Zhurinsh, A.; Jurkjane, V. Lignocellulose pyrolysis by-products as an underestimated source of chemicals: separation and characterisation. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 2023, 13, 5709–5720, ;

  • Meile, K.; Syrpas, M.; Basinskiene, L.; Zhurinsh, A. Discrimination of levoglucosan and its structural isomer in biomass pyrolysis products by iodometry, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2022, 166, 105602, ;

  • Godina, D.; Meile, K.; Zhurinsh, A.; Viksna, A. Method development of levoglucosenone analysis by UHPLC-UV-MS in fast pyrolysis samples and aspects of its degradation in aqueous samples. Analytical Methods, 2020, DOI: 10.1039/D0AY01478H

  • Lauberts, M., Lauberte, L., Arshanitsa, A., Dizhbite, T., Dobele, G., Bikovens, O., Telysheva, G. Structural transformations of wood and cereal biomass components induced by microwave assisted torrefaction with emphasis on extractable value chemicals obtaining. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2018, 134, 1-11, DOI: 10.1016/j.jaap.2018.03.025

  • Janceva, S., Lauberte, L., Dizhbite, T., Krasilnikova, J., Telysheva, G., Dzenis, M. Protective effects of proanthocyanidins extracts from bark of deciduous trees in lipid systems. Holzforshung, 2017, 71 (7-8), 675-680, DOI: 10.1515/hf-2016-0185.

Student works:

  • Meile, K. Preparative separation and analysis of wood pyrolysis condensates with liquid chromatography methods, PhD thesis, 2019, University of Latvia;
  • Lauberte, L. Establishment of an analytical approach for the characterization of biologically active polyphenols in lignocellulosic biomass, PhD thesis, 2021, University of Latvia;
  • Godiņa, D. Investigation of carbohydrates and their derivatives from biomass by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, PhD thesis, due in 2023, University of Latvia;
  • Godiņa, D. Determination of biomass based levoglucosenone and its degradation compounds in fast pyrolysis products by UHPLC-UV-QDa, Master’s thesis, 2019, University of Latvia;
  • Pāls, M. Plantation willow bark treatment using extraction and organosolv delignification as a tool for phytochemical obtaining, Master’s thesis, 2019, University of Latvia;
  • Briede, L. Determination of total sugars and pentoses in birch wood hydrothermal treatment liquid, Master’s thesis, 2017, University  of Latvia,
  • Volkova, E. Lignocellulose pyrolysis by-products as a source of antioxidants, Bachelor thesis, 2022, University  of Latvia.