Dr.sc.ing. Julija Brovkina


2013 - Doctoral degree of engineering sciences in chemical engineering (Dr.sc.ing), Riga Technical University, Faculty of Material Sciences and Applied Chemistry

Scientific interests and competence

Research area is related to wood and lignin chemistry, development and improvement of wood processing wastewater treatment technology, modification of the wood’s origin by-products and development of environmentally friendly sorbents from obtained by-products and clay

The most important projects

2020 - LS IWC Bio-economic grant - New lignin-chitosan nano- and microparticles functional additives effect of recycled polypropylene / polylactic acid composite material with lignocellulosic filler properties (LignoHitBioKM) - Participant. 2019 - LS IWC Bio-economic grant - Waste biomass from wood processing wastewater as a potential for application in environmentally friendly composites (LigPolimerKM) - Participant. 2011-2015 - European Regional Development Fundproject  - Investigations of possibilities of woodworking by-products utilization, ForestCompetenceCenter (LIAA  No.L-KC-11-0004) (KC/; - Participant 2010-2013 - National Research Programme - Sustainable Use of Local Resources (Entrails of the Earth, Forest, Food and Transport) – New Products and Technologies (NatRes) (Nr. 2010.10-4/VPP-5) - Participant. LZP Grant - New multi-functional polymeric products from lignocellulose, polyols and lignins, it’s obtaining, modification with nanoparticles and properties (Grant No. 09-1610c) - Participant​.

More information

2009 - Pēc LZA Senāta 2009.gada 20.janvāra lēmuma izteikta atzinība par maģistra darbu “Bērza koksnes šķīstošo lignīnu iegūšana un to modificēšanas produktu pielietošana atputekļošanai un fāzu robežas stabilizācijai”. 2008 - 18. decembrī 2008. gadā no Rīgas domes saņemts atzinības raksts par piedalīšanos 2008. gada studentu zinātnisko darbu konkursā par Rīgas ilgtspējīgu attīstību ar darbu “Bērza koksnes šķīstošo lignīnu iegūšana un to modificēšanas produktu pielietošana atputekļošanai un fāzu robežas stabilizācijai”.

The most important publications

Brovkina J., Shulga G., Ozolins J., Neiberte B., Verovkins, A., Lakevics V. 2020.The advanced application of the wood-originated wastewater sludge. Agronomy Research, 18 (S1), 729-741. https://doi.org/10.15159/ar.20.022 Brovkina J.,Shulga G., Neiberte B., Ozoliņs J. 2015. Difference in the Treatment Effectiveness of Woodworking Wastewater between Polyaluminium Chloride-Based Coagulants. Environment. Technology. Resources, 64-70. Brovkina J., Shulga G., Ozolins J., Irbe Z., Turks M., Rjabovs V. 2013. Characteristics of the coagulate obtained during the process of model wastewater treatment. Environment, Technology, Resources, Vol 1, 9-12. Brovkina J., Shulga G., Vitolina S., Neiberte B., Ozolins J., Turks M., Rjabovs V., Neilands R. 2012. Usage of coagulation with ozonation for treatment of model wastewater of wood processing with aluminium salts. ASABE - 21st Century Watershed Technology Conference and Workshop: Improving Water Quality and the Environment, 97-106. Brovkina J., Lakevičs V., Stepanova V., Ozolins J., Bērziņa-Cimdiņa L., Shulga G. 2012. Development of effective sorbents on Latvian clay basis. Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University, Material Science and applied Chemistry, 26, 37-41. Brovkina J., Shulga G., Ozolins J.2011. Coagulation of wood pollutants from model wastewater by aluminium salts, Environment, Technology, Resources, 1, 63-67.