Dr.sc.ing. Dace Cīrule


2016 – PhD in material science (Dr.sc.ing.), Latvia University of Agriculture, Forest Faculty.

Scientific interests and competence

Wood microstructure, physical and chemical properties, identification of wood species. Weathering and protection of wood. Wood thermal modification.

The most important projects

2017-2020 – ERDF project – Wood with improved service properties due to combination of thermal modification and impregnation (No., researcher. 2016-2018 – FSCC project – Wood based composites with improved properties (No., researcher. 2018 – FSCC project – “Investigation of linseed oil based paints” (No., researcher. 2014-2017 – SRP project – Forest and earth entrails resources: research and sustainable utilization – new products and technologies (ResProd) (No. 2014.10-4/VPP-6/6), researcher. 2014-2015 – ERDF project – Plywood from thermally modified veneer with improved durability properties (No. 2014/0018/2DP/, researcher. 2012-2015 – FSCC project – Wood composite materials with improved properties (No. 4-06/32-P4), researcher.

More information

From 2017 – Member of the Promotion Council of Forestry and Materials Science, Latvian University of Agriculture.

The most important publications

Cirule, D., Kuka, E., Verovkins, A., Andersone, I. Restriction Of liquid water spreading in overlaid plywood top veneer. Research for Rural Development, 2018, 1, 86-91 (doi: 10.22616/rrd.24.2018.013). Cirule, D., Meija-Feldmane, A., Kuka, E., Andersons, B., Kurnosova, N., Antons, A., Tuherm, H. Spectral Sensitivity of Thermally Modified and Unmodified Wood. BioResources, 2016, 11(1), 324-335 (doi: 10.15376/biores.11.1.324-335). Kuka, E., Cirule, D., Kajaks, J., Andersone, I., Andersons, B. Wood particle size influence on water resistance and mechanical properties of thermally modified wood-polypropylene composites. International Wood Products Journal, 2018, 9(2), 90-95 (doi: 10.1080/20426445.2018.1493069). Antons, A., Cirule, D., Verovkins, A., Kuka, E. Effect of thermal treatment on physical and mechanical properties of birch and pine wood. Research for Rural Development, 2018, 1, 78-85 (doi: 10.22616/rrd.24.2018.012). Kuka, E., Cirule, D., Kajaks, J., Janberga, A., Andersone, I., Andersons, B. Fungal Degradation of Wood Plastic Composites Made with Thermally Modified Wood Residues. Key Engineering Materials, 2017, 721, 8-12 (doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.721.8). Kuka, E., Cirule, D., Kajaks, J., Andersone, I., Andersons, B. Wood Plastic Composites Made with Thermally Modified Birch Wood Residues. International Wood Products Journal, 2016, 7(4), 210-215 (doi: 10.1080/20426445.2016.1214439).