Dr.chem Anrijs Verovkins


2013 - Doctor degree in Chemical engineering, Wood Chemistry Technology (Dr. chem.), Riga Technical University

Scientific interests and competence

Modification of wood and wood bark. Wood-polymer composites.

The most important projects

2020 - LS IWC Bio-economic Grant N1 - New lignin-chitosan nano- and microparticles functional additives effect of recycled polypropylene / polylactic acid composite material with lignocellulosic filler properties (LignoHitBioKM) - Leader 2019 - LS IWC Bio-economic grant - A new lignin polymer complex as a compatibility enhancer influence on the properties of the composite material (LigPolimerKM) - Leader 2017-2018 - LS IWC Bio-economic grant - Waste biomass from wood processing wastewater as a potential for application in environmentally friendly composites (AtkritBiomasKM) - Leader 2017-2020 - ERDF project - Wood with improved service properties due to combination of thermal modification and impregnation (No. - Researcher 2014-2017 - National Research Programme - Forest and earth entrails resources: research and sustainable utilization – new products and technologies (ResProd) (2014.10-4/VPP-6/6) - Participant 2011-2015 - ERDF project - Investigations of possibilities of woodworking by-products utilization, ForestCompetenceCenter (LIAA No.L-KC-11-0004) (KC/; - Participant​

The most important publications

Cirule D., Verovkins A., Andersone I., Kuka E., Andersons B. (2020). Thermally modified birch wood interaction with liquids. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products. 78(5), 849-857. Zimele Z., Irbe I., Grinins J., Bikovens O., Verovkins A., Bajare D. (2020). Novel mycelium-based biocomposites (Mbb) as building materials. Journal of Renewable Materials. 8(9), 1067-1076. Shulga G., Neiberte B., Verovkins A., Vitolina S., Jaunslavietis J., Livcha S., Betkers T. (2019). ​Aminated wood sanding dust as filler for recycled polypropylene-based composite Cellulose Chemistry and Technology. 53(9), 945-953. Gaidukova G., Ivdre A., Fridrihsone A., Verovkins A., Cabulis U., Sergejs G. (2017). Polyurethane rigid foams obtained from polyols containing bio-based and recycled components and functional additives. Industrial Crops and Products. 102, 133–143. Shulga G., Neiberte B., Verovkins A., Jaunslavietis J., Shakels V., Vitolina S., Sedliačik J. (2016). Eco-friendly constituents for making wood-polymer composites. Key Engineering Materials -Selected Processes at the Wood Processing. 688, 122-130. Shulga G., Betkers, T., Vitolina S., Neiberte B., Verovkins A., Anne O., Ambrazaitienė D., Žukauskaitė A. (2015). Wood processing by-products treated with the lignin-based conditioner as mulch for soil protection.  Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management, 23(4), 279-287. Shulga G., Betkers T., Brovkina J., Neiberte B., Verovkins A., Belous O., Ambrazaitene D., Žukauskaite A. (2008). New lignin-based polymers for ecological rehabilitation. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals; 483, 1333-1347.