Commercialization of efficient and ecological glucose solution production technology

Project status


Project execution time

01.04.2020 to 30.06.2022

Project type


Project number

KC-PI-2020/55 (Contract with LIAA Nr. KC-L-2017/7)

Project manager

Prans Brazdausks

Involved laboratories

Biorefinery laboratory

Call, activity

Operational Programme “Growth and employment”, Specific support objective 1.2.1. “To increase the private sector investment in R&D”, Activity “Support for the development of the technology transfer system”, round 3, stage 1

Project goal

Stage 1: to develop a technical-economic feasibility study and a commercialization strategy for the development of the glucose solution and furfural production technology up to TRL6 and its commercialization.

Stage 2: to commercialize the biomass conversion technology that allows producing glucose solution and furfural for further processing.


Main activities of the project:

Stage 1:

  • Technical-economic feasibility study and development of the commercialization strategy.

Stage 2:

  • Development of the technology to reduce/eliminate the identified challenges and improve the product’s characteristics for market needs.
  • Development of an experimental demonstration prototype and its testing for use in conditions close to the real environment.
  • Contacts with industry representatives for demonstrating the technology and getting feedback.
  • Adaptation of the prototype to market requirements.
  • Strengthening of property rights and sale of a licence.


Stage 1 of the project
      - duration of the -   6 months (01.04.2020 to 30.09.2020),
      - total cost – 27’778 EUR.
Stage 2 of the project
      - duration of the
-  18 months (01.01.2021 to 30.06.2022),
      - total cost – 304’510 EUR, including ERDF cofounding 274’059 EUR.

Identification number of the project application - KC-PI-2020/55.
Number of the contract with LIAA - KC-L-2017/7.