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Doctoral Thesis: Development of innovative polyol systems from recycled polyethylene terephtalate and renewable raw materials for rigid polyurethane foams

to be granted the scientific degree of Doctor of Science (Ph. D.). The present Doctoral Thesis had been submitted for the defence at the open meeting of Riga Technical University, Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry on December 3, 2020 online.

PhD Aiga Ivdre is researcher of the Polymer Department of Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry. The PhD Thesis was developed in the Polymer Department of Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry and in the Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, Institute of Polymer Materials of Riga Technical University.

Scientific supervisors: Prof., Remo Merijs-Meri (RTU) and Leading Researchers, Uģis Cābulis (LSIWC).

The Thesis aims to develop innovative polyols suitable for the production of rigid PU foam from recycled PET flakes and renewable raw material resources (rapeseed oil and tall oil) and to evaluate the effect of polyols on the most important properties of rigid PU foams as a thermal insulation material. The Doctoral Thesis is prepared as a thematically unified set of scientific publications. It contains 6 publications written in English.

PhD Thesis available: (English, summary - Latvian, English).