Dr.sc.ing. Juris Grīniņš


2016 - Doctor of science in engineering (Dr.sc.ing.), Chemical engineering science section. Riga Technical University, Faculty of Material Science and applied Chemistry. Doctoral thesis: “Improvement of the Properties of Birch Plywood with Thermo - Hydro Treatment Method”

Zinātniskās intereses un kompetence

Improvement of durability and water related properties of wood and wood materials using different modification techniques. Thermo - hydro treatment. Treatment with polymer resin solutions. Water resistant board materials from wood processing residues.

Nozīmīgākie projekti

Commercialization project  “Commercialization of  technology of plywood thermal modification” No. KC-PI-2020/41 (2020-2022) - Project manager

Latvian Council of Science Fundamental and Applied Research Project  “Chemical modification of phenol-formaldehyde resins for use as novel wood treatment agent” No. lzp-2020/2-0422 (2020-2021) - Project manager

Postdoctoral research project "Improvement of the properties of birch plywood using impregnation with polymer resins”. Nr., agreement Nr. (2018-2020) - Project manager

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project „Biorefinery concept for birch bark processing into value added green products and materials”. Nr. (2016-2017) - Researcher

Forest sector competence center project "Modification of birch plywood”. Nr. 0135/KC/16/10 (2016-2018) - Researcher

ERDF  project „Plywood from thermally modified veneer with improved durability properties”. Nr. 2014/0018/ 2DP/ (2014-2015) - Engineer

ERDF project „Innovative wood and its processing materials with upgraded service properties”. Nr. 2010/0324/2DP/ (2011-2013) - Scientiffic assistant

Nozīmīgākās publikācijas

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