Dr.habil.chem Galia Shulga


1998 -  Habilited Doctor of Chemistry, (Dr.habil.chem); Specialty: Wood Chemistry

Research Interests and Expertise

Wood and lignin chemistry. Synthesis, structure and physico-chemical properties of lignin-containing polyelectolyte complexes. Modification of lignin. Lignin binders and surfactants, their behavior at the different interfaces. Modified lignin products for environmentally friendly “green” technologies (soil structure improvement, prevention of soil erosion, road dust suppressants, emulsion stabilizers, surface modifiers). Hybrid composite coagulants for wastewater treatment (compositions, reactions, application techniques). Lignocelulose functionalization as a filler for biocomposites. Wood-polymer composites (composition, properties, technology, improvement of interface adhesion).



Significant Projects

2011-2015 - European Regional Development Fundproject  - Investigations of possibilities of woodworking by-products utilization, Forest Competence Center (LIAA Nr. L-KC-11-0004) (KC/; Leader.

2008 - 2011 - FP7 Project WOOD-NET - The implementation of research potential of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry in the European Research Area. Knowledge-based biomass polymeric products with multiple functions. Leader.

2004 - 2011 - EUREKA E! 2622 project - Forest Soil Erosion - Prevention and control of forest soil erosion  on coastal strip of the Baltic Sea by using lignin-based polymers, Leader.

Additional Information

Member of the American Society for engineering in agricultural, food, and biological system (ASABE), since 2001.

Deputy Director of the International Biographical Centre (Cambridge, England) for Europe, since 2004.

Member of the Managment Committee COST 0701 Action “Post-Fire Forest Management in Southern Europe”, 2008-2012.


American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (2001- ); American Science Advisory Boards (2002- ); Deputy Director of the  International Biographical Centre (2004-)American Chemical Society (2008- )

Significant Publications

  1. Shulga. G., Jaunslavietis J., Ozolins J., Neiberte., B., Verovkins A., Vitolina S., Shakels V. (2017) Properties of Recycled Polypropylene Based Composites Incorporating Treated Hardwood Sawdust. AIP Conference Proceedings „Times of Polymers and  Composites. From Aerospace to Nanotechnology.” Ed. A. D’Amore, D. Acierno and L.Grassia. Naples, Italy. 2017, Vol.1736, 020111. doi.org/10.1063/1/1.4949686
  2. Shulga G., Neiberte B., Verovkins A., Vitolina S., Jaunslavietis J., Ozolins J. (2016) Short Fibre Filler from Wood Residue for Polymeric Composite Materials. Materials Science (Medžiagotyra), Vol. 22, N3, 370-375, ISSN 1392–1320. http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.ms.22.3.8752
  3. Shulga, G., Betkers, T., Vitolina, S., Neiberte, B., Verovkins, A., Anne, O., Ambrazaitienė, D., Žukauskaitė, A. (2015). Wood processing by-products treated with the lignin-based conditioner as mulch for soil protection. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management, 23(4), 279-287.
  4. Shulga G., Shakels V., Aniskevicha O., Zakharova J., and Skudra S.. Interfacial properties of polyelectrolyte complexes incorporating kraft lignin.(2009). Holzforschung, 63 (6), 711-714.
  5. Shulga G., Kalyuzhnaya R., Zezin A., Kabanov V. (2002). Effect of the molecular mass of lignosulphonate on the interaction with polymeric cation in dilute aqueous solutions and the properties of products formed. Cellulose Chemistry and Technology. 36 (3/4), 225-241. ISSN 0576-9787.