M.sc.biol Elīna Didrihsone


2017 – Master of Science in Biology (M.sc.biol), Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia.​

Scientific interests and competence

Magnetic field influence on cultivation processes of various microorganisms. Microorganism sintrophy system development for the production of added value products. Development of biodegradable composite materials.

The most important projects

European Regional Development Fund project „Crypthecodinium cohnii and Zymomonas mobilis syntrophy for production of omega 3 fatty acid from byproducts of biofuel and sugar industry". Project no. Nr., 2019.-2022.g. European Regional Development Fund project „Influence of the magnetic field initiated stirring on biotechnological processes”. Project no. Nr., 2017.-2019.g. European Regional Development Fund project “Microorganism growth control using artificial intelligent systems”.  Project no. Nr. / KC-PI-2017/66, 2018.g.

The most important publications

Alina Rekena, Elina Didrihsone, Kristine Vegere.The role of magnetic field in the biopharmaceutical production: Current perspectives. Biotechnology Reports, Volume 22, 2019, e00334, ISSN 2215-017X, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.btre.2019.e00334