The role of genetic factors in the development of adapting capable and high quality wood forest stands

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01.12.2009 līdz 30.11.2012

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European Social Fund project, Human resources and employment program, priority 1.1. "Higher Education and Science", Measure 1.1.1. Development of research and research potential, activity "Attracting Human Resources to Science".

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The aim of the project was to combine expertise in the fields of forestry, chemical engineering and biology, as well as in the submitting institution - forest research institute "Silava" and partner institution - Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, by attracting new specialists and foreign experts to evaluate the potential of genetic factors and improving the properties of wood. LSIWC was involved in project activity 2 "Genetic Determination of Wood Properties", the chemical and physical properties, pulp yield, biological resistance, etc. of pine, spruce and hybrid aspen were analyzed

A total of 18 full-time equivalent scientists were involved in the project implementation and it was completed in November 2012.