Visit of Slovenian researchers 07.10.2021.

Versija drukāšanaiVersija drukāšanai

On October 7, 2021, the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (LSIWC) hosted researchers from the Slovenian Renewable Materials and Healthy Environments Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence InnoRenew CoE: David DeVallance, PhD, Laetitia Marrot, PhD, Marica Mikuljan, and Jaka Gašper Pečnik. The Centre was established in 2017 as the activity of the Framework programme Horizon 2020 Teaming project, co-operating 9 Slovenian scientific institutions and the German Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research – Wilhelm Klauditz Institute (WKI), co-ordinator - University of Primorska. The visit started with a seminar. The visitors introduced their Centre of Excellence and its scientific research, and were informed about LSIWC and the scientific research done at LSIWC, the LSIWC’s infrastructure, and possible scientific co-operation (considering the epidemiological situation, part of the LSIWC’s researchers followed the seminar in the Zoom platform):

The guests also visited LSIWC’s laboratories and talked with LSIWC’s researchers; possible scientific co-operation was discussed: