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  Project: WOOD-NET



FP7 project - The implementation of research potential of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry in the European Research Area (WOOD-NET)


Executive Summary 


The project’s objective was to improve the research capacities and to reinforce the scientific and technical potential of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (LSIWC) in its scientific excellence with the aim of unlocking its capacity and make it accessible for the European Research Area (ERA) and third countries. The project promoted the exchange of know-how and experience, and the formation of strategic co-operation partnership among the related leading European research centres. It activated the dissemination of scientific information and joint results; expanded the involvement of young researchers in the scientific environment. The project embraces 10 thematic priorities, which represent both traditional branches of wood science and integrating with other sciences, including also biorefinery and sustainable use of biomass resources approaches.


The co-operation with 67 research organizations took place during the 3 years of the project realization. The exchange of experience covered 25 countries, including both 21 ERA countries (old and new EU countries, associated to ERA countries) and 4 International Cooperation Partnership Countries (ICPC). The research activities of foreign researchers during a long-term stay (1 month and more) were an essential component of the project realization. During 3 years, the LSIWC staff participated in 62 international scientific conferences, symposia, seminars... . This covers all thematic priorities and involves both young and senior researchers of LSIWC. The scientific output of the project WOOD-NET in the form of publications has increased both quantitatively and qualitatively during these 3 years and resulted in 142 publications. Alongside with 129 materials of the scientific conferences, also 21 peer-reviewed journal articles, 1 monograph and 2 collections of conference materials are issued.


Two scientific events were organized within the project: the Fifth European Conference on Wood Modification ECWM5 (September 20-21, 2010, Riga, Latvia, and the 2nd Workshop “Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry” (5-6 May, 2011, Riga, Latvia). The first of them brought together 120 participants from 30 countries; 30 oral and 29 poster presentations were offered, but the proceedings book contains 60 peer-reviewed articles of participants. 30 participants from 8 ERA and 1 ICPC countries took part in the workshop with 26 oral and 3 poster presentations, and a book of abstracts with 27 abstracts was issued.


The established and maintained contacts and closed co-operation agreements of LSIWC with foreign research centres form a network around LSIWC as an ERA centre of excellence in the field of wood sciences. This will be a base for further sustainable international co-operation also after the realization of the WOOD-NET project. The network established within the WOOD-NET project and visiting activities promotes the coordination of the scientific output of the research activities carried out based on the national or other international scale funds, reaching the proposed scientific goals. The realization of the project expressed as the synergy with the outcome from the previous FP6 and forthcoming FP7 projects, projects financed by EU structural funds, nationally financed research programmes and projects, as well as from other research, educational and organizing activities fulfilled by the Institute in co-operation with other research centres. The results of the research activities of the Institute and partners will help in initiating innovations, spin-ups and other intersectorial activities.


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