Dr sc ing Inese Filipova (Sable)


2011-2016    Latvia University of Agriculture, Forest Faculty, Doctor degree in Wood Materials and Technologies

2005-2007   University of Latvia, Faculty of Chemistry, Master degree of Chemistry

2000-2005   Technical University of Riga, Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry, Engineer degree of Wood Chemistry and Technology


Research Interests and Expertise

Wood chemistry, wood fibers, pulping, cellulose, nanocellulose

Significant Projects

Study of novel method for nanocellulose isolation from biomass and its residues, Post-Doctoral project, No.

Significant Publications

  1. Filipova I., Fridrihsone V., Cabulis U., Berzins A. 2018 Synthesis of Nanofibrillated Cellulose by Combined Ammonium Persulphate Treatment with Ultrasound and Mechanical Processing. Nanomaterials, 8(9), 640; https://doi.org/10.3390/nano8090640
  2. Andersons J., Filipova I., Kirpluks M. and Cabulis U. 2018 Evaluation of the apparent interfacial shear strength of nanocellulose/PVA composites Key Engineering Materials 774:54-59 DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.774.54
  3. Vikele L., Laka M., Sable I., Rozenberga L., Grinfelds U., Zoldners J., Passas R., Mauret E. Effect of chitosan on properties of paper for packaging. Cellulose chemistry and technology, 2017, 51 (1-2), 67-73.
  4. Sable I., Grīnfelds U., Vīķele L., Rozenberga L., Zeps M., Neimane U., Jansons A. Effect of Refining on the Properties of Fibres from Young Scots (Pinus Sylvestris) and Lodgepole Pines (Pinus Contorta). Baltic Forestry, 2017, 23(2), 529-533.
  5. Sable I., Grinfelds U., Vikele L., Rozenberga L., Lazdina D., Zeps M., Jansons A. Chemical composition and fiber properties of fast-growing species in Latvia and its potential for forest bioindustry. 2017, Forestry Studies, 66, 27-32.
  6. Rozenberga L., Skute M.,  Belkova L., Sable I., Semjonovs P.,  Saka M.,  Ruklisha M., Paegle L.,  Vikele L. Characterization of films and nanopaper obtained from cellulose synthesized by acetic acid bacteria. Carbohydrate Polymers2016, 144, 33–40.
  7. Vecbiskena L., Vikele L., Rozenberga L. Sable I.  Wood Based Biocomposites: Mechanical Processing, Physical and Biological Properties, Key Engineering Materials2016 674, 26-30​